Taxi agreements

Terms and Conditions The following travel conditions apply to all customers who book with and in all its versions: Italian, English language, Wireless in Italian, Wireless in English and they apply from 1st January 2020. 1) General Introduction The Win Services snc leonardo Cassata & C (hereinafter referred to for simplicity COMPANY) is a […]

Skyway cablecar Alps

Skyway Valle Blanche Tramway

Skyway Monte Bianco, the new Mont Blanc cableways, enable you to set out on a magical journey that is mapped out in accordance with the shape of the land as it reaches for the sky. As walking for long distances is not required, this experience can be enjoyed by everyone, unless health problems make it […]

Mont Blanc beauty of the Alps

Mont Blanc and its beauty

For many, Mont-Blanc is simply the highest mountain in Europe. Its 4,810 m certainly confirm its undisputed supremacy. But in reality, Mont-Blanc is far more than this with regard to records, history and nature. Mont-Blanc history is unparalleled and over the years its has been an inert onlooker and the aim and object of many […]

Club Med Cervinia in the best place

Club Med Cervinia has views of the iconic Matterhorn and the surrounding mountains. Corvine offers some of the longest ski runs to be found in Europe, while the connected resort of Zermatt in Switzerland has great off-piste. You get all the benefits of skiing in Zermatt without paying Zermatt prices it’s got a gigantic swimming […]

Monte Rosa a ski resort in the Alps

Champoluc e Monterosa ski resort

Monterosa Ski links three alpine valleys into a single ski area, in the sight of the Monte Rosa massif and the Mont Avic nature park between the Valle d’Aosta and Piemonte regions. It has always been popular with the most demanding skiers thanks to the carefully maintained runs and the superb technological standards of the […]

The Fenis Castle in the mountains

Fénis Castle and its beauty

Fénis Castle is situated on a small knoll. Different from those castles built for military and defense on top on the top of a promontory.In contrast with the defense structure, its function was only to be the prestigious seat of the Challant family. The castle’s many towers, which display surprising architectural harmony, were added by […]

Grand hotel Billia in the Alps

Grand Hotel Billia

Embraced by the highest mountains of Europe emerges the breathtaking scenery of Aosta Valley. Here you can find the superb Saint-Vincent with its magnificent Grand Hotel Bilia rising picturesquely in the heart of Italian Alps where luxury meets comfort and where modernity meets history and tradition. Easily approachable from the main airports of Central Europe, […]

Casino in the middle of the Alps

The Casino-Saint Vincent

The Casino-Saint Represents one of the biggest and prestigious gambling house of Europe. Situated in Saint-Vincent’s frame and surrounded by four among the tallest mountains in Europe, such as Mont Blanc, Mont Rose, Mattherhorn and Gran Paradiso, the structure is countersigned for its privileged position in the centre of Aosta Valley; it’s, in fact, only […]

Fortress of Bard in the Alps

Fortress of Bard and its beauty

Already during Theodoric’s reign (early 6th century A.D), sixty armed soldiers were garrisoned to defend the “Clausuræ Augustanæ” (a defence system set up to protect the borders of the Empire) in Bard. In 1034, it was described as “inexpugnabile oppidum”, in one of the oldest references to a castle in Valle d’Aosta. The Savoys became […]

Chatillon in the Alps

Chatillon is Aosta Valle history

In a beautiful sun drenched gorge, overhung by Monte Zerbion (2719m) at an altitude of 549 metres, Châtillon extends across a vast gorge on two of the Dora Baltea slopes and the Marmore river, with the Monte Zerbion to the north and the Barbeston and Cima Nera to the south. The town grew up at […]