Courmayeur is a town in Aosta Valley. At an elevation of 1.224m (4086ft) above sea level, it is located at the foot of Mont Blanc at 4810m, the highest point in the Alps and Europe. Courmayeur shares administration of Mont Blanc with its neighboring commune of Saint-Gervais- les-Bains in France. The town also shares access to the famous glacial ski run of the Vallee Blanches with another French town named Chamonix.

Alpine skiing in the perfects slopes

In the presence of his majesty Mont Blanc, Courmayeur is a paradise for skiers. The 18 list and 31 slopes along its freeride area offer more than 100 kilometres, to satisfy every desire for those who put on boots and head up the mountain. Every morning 10 blue run, 17 red runs and 4 black runs allow each skier to choose the intensity of their experience whilst enjoying the unique view from the roof of Europe. 

Also Freeride in the last few years have made Courmayeur an essential destination for powder lovers. The gondolas of Youla and Arp are the doors to a world of wonder, mixing precious ingredients to create a unique experience: steps faces, immaculate conditions and perfect lines create the ideal setting for those who want a teste of the absolute freedom with their skis or snowboard.

Skyway Mont Blanc

The eight wonder of the World. An extreme engineering challenge at 3.466 mt, between the eternal ice of Mont Blanc. With Skyway you will be immersed in a breathtaking landscape thanks to the 360° rotating cabins and 3 futuristic stations with restaurants, bars, and entertainment services.

One the most famous attraction of the Alps

The world famous cable car inaugurated the new opening in June 2015 to public. In less than 20 minutes from 1300 m you will reach Punta Helbronner nearly 3500 m, and once up their you’ll get a 360° panoramic terrace.

How to reach Courmayeur

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