Aosta is the main city of the Aosta Valley, i bilingual region in the Italian Alps. it is situated near the Italian entrance of the Mont Blanc Tunnel, at the confluence of the Buthier and the Dora Baltea, and at the junction of the Great and Little St. Bernard routes.

Aosta was settled in porto-historic times and later became a centre of the Salassi, many of whom were killed or sol into slavery by the Romans in 25 BC. The campaign was led by Marcus Terentius Varro, who then founded the Roman colony of Augusta Praetoria (Aosta).

This small city is famous for his ancient walls that are still preserved almost in their entirety. Outside the town walls is the Arch of Augustus, a triumphal arch in honor of Augustus, built in 35 BC to celebrate the victory of consul Varro Murena over the Salassi.

An event not to be missed in Aosta: the millennial Sant’Orso Fair

Every year, on the 30th and 31st January, is celebrated in Aosta the millennial Sant’orso Fair, where artists and crafsmen from Aosta Valley proudly display their works along the streets of the small city.

All of the traditional activities are represented: sculpture and inlay on wood, soapstone, wrought iron and leather working, weaving of drap, a traditional woolen fabric on old-style wooden looms and household objects.

How to reach Aosta

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